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I am a Dutch artist based in Rotterdam, where I strive to uncover everyday magic through slow, meditative art and design at Atelier Fleur Moerenhout. I studied Fine Arts and Lifestyle Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy, and this dual background manifests in a wide range of work. Despite the diversity of my creations, the core of my practice is the pursuit of connection—connection with myself, others, nature, and our surroundings. The intention of my work is to invite myself and others to slow down and create space for these connections.


Today’s world is ruled by fast consumerism and immense flow of new information. Because of this the society is going faster and faster. However, this incredible-fast pace is harmful for human and nature; A climate crisis and mental health diseases like burn outs and feelings of anxiety are the consequences. In my work I am researching in what way I can embrace slowness more and invite others to do so as well.


Because slowness is necessary to do things with attention, and a happy side effect of attention is connection. Could slowing down and creating space for connection be a possible solution for the climate- and loneliness crisis?

I am researching this and many other questions through performances, textile art and installations.


On the other hand, I work very intuitive and personal by painting, illustrating and embroidery work.  Although the approach might be different, the value of slowing down and the connection that arises there, remains a very important theme.

Painting, illustration and embroidery are ways for me to process. This is amplified by the manual techniques I use, like the stipple-technique in my drawings, hand-embroidery in my textile work and I am working with natural pigments in both textiles and paintings. These repetitive techniques require a lot of time and attention, and because of that it has a meditative effect and invites me to slow down. In this way I come back home to myself, and I hope my work invites others to feel the same.


Additionally, I paint furniture, drawing inspiration from detailed folk art from around the world, including Aboriginal art from Australia and 'artesanía' from Mexico. The time and attention required for this work resonate with my quest for slowness and connection, deepening my appreciation for these art forms. I love the fact that second hand, often neglected, furniture is getting new value in this way. In line with the sustainability movement, I think it’s very important to invest only in material things that have great personal value, rather than financial value. I think that pushing boundaries of what art can be is essential to do this. Art doesn’t have to be just in white cube. It can be in your home, at your furniture and in your everyday belongings.

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