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Inspired by the arts & crafts from Mexico, India and Maroc, among other places, I started to paint furniture. I love the fact that second hand, often neglected, furniture is getting new value in this way. In line with the sustainability movement, I think it’s very important to invest only in material things that have great personal value, rather than financial value. I think that pushing boundaries of what art can be is essential to do this. Art doesn’t have to be just in white cube. It can be in your home, at your furniture, in your everyday belongings. Again, I think there is a lot to learn from folk art in this, since you find art playing a lot bigger role in everyday life in indigenous cultures. Painting furniture, making decorative art (what is so looked down upon in the high-end art world), is a way for me to push those boundaries.  

 I also paint furniture or other things (boxes, walls, you name it) in commission. In this, I can involve specific colors, symbols, or themes. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to create something personal and special for someone. Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about this.

Prices starting from €150,-

Detail commissioned stool
Commissioned tabletop/tray
Painted sidetable
painted chair
painted stool
painted sidetable
sun-themed sidetable
sun-themed sidetable
Commissioned stool
painted stool - details
painted wooden box
painted child chair
painted cupboard
painted stool
details of painted objects
painted sidetable with the wheel of life
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